Kevin McLiney

Hydrate for Health!!!


Why is hydration so important? Our bodies depend on water to survive.  Our cells, tissues and organs need water to function properly.  When you are dehydrated you just don’t operate at peak performance.  I know I rarely am hydrated properly, and I can tell you with certainty, when I get sick, I am always in […]

The best of all Cocktails!


Everyone loves a good cocktail! What’s better than a good cocktail is a cocktail that will leave you feeling better with no chance of a hangover.  The Myers Cocktail was invented by infusion visionary and pioneer John Myers, M.D. and was aimed to treat those suffering from chronic ailments such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, […]

Seasonal Allergy Relief in a Drip!

Seasonal allergy relief Drip IV Health

This is my first spring as the owner of Drip IV Health, and we are in the midst of allergy season. I have been waiting to try theAllergies and Better Breathing drip, but I have been traveling outside of the Midwest so much that my seasonal allergies haven’t kicked in too badly yet. Lucky for me, and not so much for them, I […]



I spent a lot of time last week with a great family and witnessed a tremendous amount of love, strength, and courage. Out of a tragic loss of a 16-year-old young man, a tremendous amount of hope has risen.  In the most trying times of their lives, this great family made the decision to donate […]

YOUR Safety First


Drip IV health provides a safe and mobile version of intravenous nutrition. Which, simply put, is an extremely safe way to administer vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream.  It is 100% bioavailable and unlike oral vitamin supplements does not have to be diluted in its potency by traveling through the GI tract. Our number […]

Staffing Can Be Fun!

KC Drip IV Health Staffing

Taking the helm of Drip IV Health has been exciting, rewarding and surprising on so many different levels. I recently put out a hiring call for nurses on –  hoping to gather a little more depth for our team and test the waters for expansion to new regions, I had no idea the response […]

Fantastic Event!

"Under The Bridge" by Local KC Photographer

Recently we were fortunate enough to connect with Street Medicine KC and coordinate an event that left us feeling changed. Jae Edgar Bennett helped us coordinate an event to reach out to some of our great cities marginalized individuals. The homeless and mentally ill population of Kansas City – as in every major city – […]