Happy Food & Drip IV Health

I will start with a confession! I have spent most of the first 50 years of my life as a terrible eater. I have a sweet tooth like no other! Red meet sure, almost every day. Candy, sure who doesn’t think a Twix is a good start to a day? Soda, Dr. Pepper is everyone’s favorite breakfast drink, right? Light beer isn’t really even beer, is it? Boulevard Pale Ale, please!

So now you may have figured out the habits that I need to break. I am only three weeks into my journey and am still learning. What I can tell you is, soda is hard to give up but only for a few days. After the caffeine headaches go away, I quit craving my Dr. Pepper. Eating well is much harder. I simply won’t do it on my own. I won’t buy all the ingredients for a well-rounded meal for just my wife and me. Now that the kids are away at school most of the time, going out is just so easy!

I totally found my “food hack” and it’s the best I have EVER eaten! I now think (falsely) that I am a good cook! I have been cooking the Happy Food Co meals. The first few I made for lunch. I often work from home and the meal said 25 minutes (which I didn’t believe) so I figured I would give it a shot. I totally expected to waste way more than 25 minutes and I didn’t think there was any way it would taste fresh. I was even a little bit overwhelmed at first. I had all of my burners in use at one time. That’s only 3 more than I have probably ever used at once before (4 burner stove). I was busy the entire 25 minutes but never too busy and never out of my comfort zone once I got started. The directions are easy to follow, and the timing is perfect. The first two were back to back days and they were definitely the two best meals I had ever made up to that point.

Now I keep going back to try different meals and they have all made me look like I know what I am doing. Both my wife and I have the same favorite, it is the Spicy Chorizo Bowl with a fried egg. I guess she could just say it’s so good to keep me cooking! I am pretty sure no matter how good the meals are her favorite part is I finally have the competence to help her with the cooking! It only took 30 years, that’s not too bad, is it.

So, I am still not perfect on eating healthy, eating local and reducing processed foods but Happy Food Co is getting me closer and closer to my goal!

I have enjoyed my new found passion for cooking and enjoyment of good, healthy, local food so much that I asked Happy Food Co to participate in an event with Drip IV Health. We are going to try to help people learn to take their food and health choices to another level! Come to the event on January 27th to learn about Happy Food Co (and enjoy some food) and to learn how Drip IV Health can help you achieve your health goals in a way you probably haven’t considered. We are offering a Drip and a (2 serving) meal for about half price. Feel free to come by and ask questions or sign up for a Drip and a meal!