"Under The Bridge" by Local KC Photographer
"Under The Bridge" by Local KC Photographer

Recently we were fortunate enough to connect with Street Medicine KC and coordinate an event that left us feeling changed. Jae Edgar Bennett helped us coordinate an event to reach out to some of our great cities marginalized individuals.

The homeless and mentally ill population of Kansas City – as in every major city – is often overlooked and under-cared for. Street Medicine KC has made it their mission to care for these citizens and offer medical and behavioral care to those living and sleeping on the streets.

Drip IV Health coordinated an event with Street Medicine KC in order to offer Drip IV therapy to some of their clients in need. Our highly trained nurses lead by Kora collaborated with the staff of Street Medicine KC to formulate the correct Drip to address the individual needs of each patient. The results left us speechless.

Watching the anxiety level of a highly nervous and agitated individual drop dramatically after the effects of an Anti-Anxiety Drip take effect left our staff with a new appreciation for what our services can accomplish. Our goal has always been to support the health and wellness of our community and this event was uplifting in every sense for all those involved.

Giving back to the community is a fundamental aspect of our mission, if you have an event or group you feel we could work with please feel free to contact us and let’s see if we can coordinate an event.