Unless you live under a rock or are high minded and staunchly opposed to any version of televised entertainment that doesn’t come from Masterpiece Theater or the BBC, you’re bound to have stumbled across some of today’s reality tv offerings. From the Kardashian Franchise to The Property Brothers, its an inescapable part of our generation.

The Real Housewives genre, for instance, is a veritable rabbit hole of can’t look away – won’t admit it in public, drama, comedy and occasionally an actual tinge of emotion and friendship. But the one thing we can count on all of these ladies for is to be on the cutting edge (sometimes quite literally) of staying young and keeping fit – at all cost.

They’ve shown us everything from surgery, lasers, cryo-therapy to placenta masks. Well this season, we’ve made their go-to list on at least 2 of the franchises. In-home vitamin drip therapy has been featured on RHOBH (that’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for those of you pretending not to know), and RHONY.

Perpetually youthful RHOBH Lisa Renna and her 2 model daughters, Amelia and Delilah were televised ordering in home drips to help with immunity and wellness. Keeping up with their hectic lifestyles and travel for their careers, staying well and staving off illness is a high priority.

Meanwhile on RHONY Skinny Girl business mogul and bstrong charitable foundation creator Bethany Frankel, was seen receiving a vitamin hydration drip while simultaneously getting her hair and makeup done. Multi-tasking at its finest.

While we might not all be able to stomach the cost of some of these procedures, Drip IV Health has done everything within our power to make vitamin infused hydration an attainable option for anyone who needs it. Our team of highly trained nurses and EMT’s are here to offer you, your neighbor, coworker, boss, and hair stylist the chance to achieve optimal wellness, improve immunity and boost energy. Reach out and give us a try, you won’t be disappointed!