Seasonal allergy relief Drip IV Health

This is my first spring as the owner of Drip IV Health, and we are in the midst of allergy season. I have been waiting to try theAllergies and Better Breathing drip, but I have been traveling outside of the Midwest so much that my seasonal allergies haven’t kicked in too badly yet. Lucky for me, and not so much for them, I passed on my seasonal allergies to my kids.

My oldest had a horrible bout with her allergies. Zyrtek wasn’t working, Nasonex wasn’t working, she had no relief whatsoever. Her eyes were swollen and itchy and her congestion was out of control.  I have been there, it’s miserable… but I had the perfect person to test our product. I knew with 100% certainty I would get the truth from Katie! If it didn’t work, I was ready to discontinue the product.  

I am glad to report, it worked! Katie still has a few sniffles, but her eyes are no longer swollen or itchy and her breathing is back to normal. It should give her relief for a couple of weeks. As I have found in the past, once you get ahead of the allergies then it’s easy to control them. I am sure she will still take Zyrtek every few days and she should be good to go for a couple of weeks.