Drip IV health provides a safe and mobile version of intravenous nutrition. Which, simply put, is an extremely safe way to administer vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream.  It is 100% bioavailable and unlike oral vitamin supplements does not have to be diluted in its potency by traveling through the GI tract.

Our number one objective for Drip IV Health is the safety and health of our customers. Transparency on how we go about meeting this goal is important and I would like to cover how we maintain our standards of care and put the client’s safety first, no matter what!

Drip IV Health has a strict doctor-designed protocol and instructions for each of our nurses to follow on each and every Drip, which is routinely reviewed for any possible improvement.  The nurses have an extensive triage we go through every time we provide a treatment:

  • At the start of every appointment, the nurses do an extensive intake that covers the client’s medical history and physical condition.
  • We require the nurses to have training specific to going over the intake forms to make sure the client qualifies for the treatment. 
  • The nurse does a pre-appointment physical assessment and interview and a post-appointment verification to make sure the client feels well and there are no side effects. 

Our Drips are made in a sterile environment, fresh when you place your order, and the nurse uses aseptic techniques to make sure the bag and IV site stay sterile.  Another way we keep your benefit and safety at the maximum level is that we do not add ANY prescription medications in our Drips.  Not only does this decrease the risks, it also keeps any prescriptions from masking the benefits of the vitamins and nutrients.

While it is regrettable, we regularly have to turn clients away because they don’t meet our safety standards created to protect them.  No matter how much they protest, this protocol is a non-negotiable item.

We love what we do, we love helping our clients and we give you our word that we will not only help you with your ailments and hydration, we will do it in the safest manner possible.  This is not an add-on business for us.  IV Health is what we do and we do it well!